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Boundary Engineering Solutions are an electrical and mechanical contractor with a mission to provide hight quality installations at a competitive prices.

We operate in the industrial and commercial sector across the East Midlands and Yorkshire and specialise in mechanical, electrical and process engineering work with a background in industry, water, waste water and chemicals. In addition we also offer a full range of commercial electrical services including installation, repair and maintenance and periodic inspections.

We work on long term relationships with our clients and operate as a partner to develop good working relationships based on loyalty and trust. We believe that successful mechanical and electrical contracts are complimented by in-depth operational knowledge and we engage with our clients to understand the specific processes associated and use the to provide a seamless delivery across the project life-cycle.

We have significant design experience in electrical and mechanical and process applications. We can take an idea or outline design and develop with our clients to build and compliant design and build specification and go on to deliver safely and efficiently on site.

We are always looking for opportunities to innovate – be it in design, delivery or program and cost management.

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